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Q: Why is it that each time I purchase a vehicle it seems like everyone I know is suddenly some kind of consumer advocate or knows a guy that totaly could have got me a 'better deal'? How do I know I did get a deal deal other than trusting you when you say so?.

A: Well, how can I say this...... ok, here goes. The answer is simple, there is no way to tell someone else that you got a good deal because a good deal is not a number, not a price, not a payment or trade in amount, no, not an interest rate either. Its actually only a feeling, do you like the car you bought, do you feel the payment is affordable? If so, then yes you got a good deal and no one can tell you otherwise although there is never a shortage of those willing to try! I have known many customers that purchased vehicles outside of their budget and later realized they bit off more than they could chew, they initially got a good deal but they ended up unhappy with their decision later on. I cant tell you how many people will call me and tell me all the info about the car they just bought, the price they got the salesperson down to, the payments they negotiated, the really low interest rate they bargained for and then ask me if they got a good deal or not. I usually say the same thing each time, 'it sounds like a good deal to me...' Who am I to say what a good deal is to them, their needs and their budget?? A cop out you say? More a statement of realization that a good deal is perception my friend, its all depends on your own point of view. There will always be those that 'got a buddy that could have got you a better deal' , and those that 'know all about how to buy a car', but remember this one thing. If you only played chess once every 3-5 years, could you really hold your own against someone that plays all day every day? A good deal can be had by anyone, without hassle or arm wrestling, do your homework, spend some time researching and arm yourself with good, solid information before you rush into what can sometimes be an emotional decision, dont get caught up in the 'new and shiney' and end up over your head and you will find yourself with a good deal.

Ken B
5/3/2009 11:12:22 am

ok, i can go with that but what about trading my car vs selling it myself, everyone tell me i can do better on my own but whats the real deal?


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