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Much ado was made at the debut of the all new Accord Coupe at this month’s Detroit Auto Show. As with any launch there are lovers AND haters of Hondas new version of its flagship vehicle, which as we know from Honda’s past use of ‘concepts’ it should be pretty darn close to the production version. The press release began with the following statement from John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. "Marking the 30th anniversary of U.S. production, this new ninth-generation Accord will raise the bar again through a tour de force of new Honda powertrain and safety technologies, geared to ensure that Honda and the Accord continue to lead in fuel economy, safety and fun-to-drive performance,"  Very strong words indeed from a company that was blasted so hard last year for the perception by many auto journalists that they didn’t go FAR enough with the redesign of the Civic and didn’t take the new CR-R past the competition in the CUV segment. Although the concept showed drew some immediate criticism for not being a far enough departure from the current Accord Coupe however, I actually think it’s a really nice evolution of the Coupe and looks very different from the one outside my window here at the dealership! We haven’t seen even a hint of what the sedan will look like but here is what we do know so far: Three new engines are coming our way including the first of