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One thing that gets under our skin here at DCH Gardena Honda is a back seat driver! It seems quite often folks riding in the back want to be in control, telling us how fast to go, when to turn and watch out for that guy on the sidewalk! Once again Honda is going to offer a chance to be a real back seat driver to 6 lucky winners in this years 'Fastest Seat in Racing' contest. We cant enter but those that can will be eligible for a package that includes: a ride in the IZOD IndyCar® 2-seater driven by an Indy 500 champion (pssst, it might just be the great Mario Andretti himself!), 2 credentials to the race (yes, pit passes and everything!), 3-day/2-night hotel accommodations, roundtrip airfare for 2, $1,000 worth of IZOD gear and spending cash! If we didnt luv working here so much we might resign just to enter... KIDDING boss! For your chance to enter click here. If you do win, you have to promise to hold up a sign that says, "Hi DCH Gardena Honda" while doing 200 mph down the straight, it'll be ok we swear! :)

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