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No one here at DCH Gardena Honda was missing any football today as we were getting the online updates from today's Continental Tire Grand Am season opener down at Daytona Intl Raceway! Ok, there were a COUPLE of guys wanting football... The field was packed with Honda's as many factory backed and independent crews stared the season with a message, Honda was in the house to rock! Out of the 10 Civics entered one that we really follow is the Skullcandy Racing Civic driven by Lara Tallmann. She qualified her lil pocket rocket at 35th but by race end she had clawed her way up to finish in 5th, she ROCKS! It was indeed an action packed race and we cant wait for the rebroadcast! Read Lara's story on the Honda Performance Page HERE and see some great pics while following the teams progress on the Honda-Tech Team blog HERE. Congrats Lara and Team Skullcandy from the team at DCH Gardena Honda! :)

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