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Yesterday many auto related sites were breaking the news that due to the Chrysler bankruptcy as many as 800 dealers would be losing their franchises. Early this morning the Wall Street Journal got hold of the actual court docs and released the list of 789 dealers that will be darkened soon. Skimming down the list I saw many Cal dealers including; Carson Chrysler/Jeep, Jeep of Ventura, Valley Dodge, Urban Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge and Star Chrysler/Jeep right here in Glendale just to name a few. Having been at a dealer that closed myself I know how much it sucks. There are a lot of good car guys already out of work and now more will be pounding the pavement looking for a new home, not because they arent good salespeople but because its incredibly difficult to get folks to buy some of the crap that the Chrysler group has been throwing at the public the last few years. Believe me I do know how tough it is to sell a Caliber! Now I'm bummed, I'll have to scour the Internet to find something good to post! Good lucks to all that will be out of work very soon.

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