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A couple of sites, Jalopnik and the Temple of VTEC to name two, are picking up on a story in the June edition of Japan's Mag-X about the much rumored and oft dreamed about resurrection of the small two bundle of driving joy known as the CRX! I personally have a special place in ma heart for that lil pocket rocket, a good friend had one way back in high school.... ahem, lets just say, good times, good times! I was so excited about the concept CR-Z (the new CRX) that I made it my mascot, look up!  Anyways, here is the gist of the article which is in Japanese so please dont hold me accountable for accuracy!
- 1.5L engine with both CVT and 6MT available.
- Monthly target sales : 850 JP, 2500 Europe, 1500 North America.
- Expect to see a production prototype in this year's Tokyo Motor Show.
- Expect an introduction in early 2010
Also in the article are some hints/rumors of future Honda plans for the Civic, expect new models in 2011 and some other cool items. More, albeit sketchy, info is over at the Temple of VTEC for your review.

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