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In Honda related news, kinda, IRL driver Danica Patrick has an interview in the upcoming June edition of Shape magazine, yes I do read Shape as a matter of fact and no this isnt a really far reach just to post a picture of Danica... Along with being on the cover the stunning, er I mean extremely talented Honda driver talks about her work out and having to be fit to drive the powerful Indy Car, -“I have to work harder than those bigger guys to control my car.” To maintain her strength-—not to mention her endurance for those five-hour races—Danica works out almost every day. - See the entire feature here, and more info on the Body by Jake page here, um, dont ask...

Vic Romano
5/15/2009 10:32:21 am

and u are gonna try and keep a straight face when u say that wasnt that far of a reach just to post a pic of danica??!!!!! great stuff mike, luv the site!


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