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Back when fuel prices were hitting almost 5 dollars a gallon I had run out of Hybrid Civics and had to show my customers how it was actually more cost effective to buy a regular Civic. Because the Hybrid was 4-7 thousand dollars more a customer would have to drive the Hybrid for sometimes up to ten years to see a return, meanwhile have a higher payment! I converted many customers to non-hybrid Civics! Well, now Honda has introduced the most inexpensive Hybrid in the US, the all redesigned and improved Insight! If you remember, the Insight was the FIRST production hybrid vehicle to be sold here in America and now Honda continues the innovation! For around 20 grand you can get 4 people to where you need to go and get the best mileage at the same time! Lots of good info is out there, the best source is of course the Honda site here;
Yes, I have 7 of them due here at the dealership any day now, and yes, you can email or write me below for pricing....... :)

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