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You would think, this weekends annual Indianapolis 500 race would be the subject of this article, what with that headline right? Um, not so much! Kinda, but only by really reaching... no, this is not just another of my excuses to post a picture of Danica... ok, just shut it and read on! During the race broadcast tomorrow Go-Daddy webhosting company will be airing the most risque Danika commercial yet, see how I did tie in to the race afterall? You may or may not remember the 2008 ad she did for them that actually got pulled for being to 'suggestive' and became an Internet only spot. Well, this one is being touted as the be all end all of Danika commercials! See a short 'teaser' of the ad over at the Go-Daddy site here and be sure to tune in to the race tomorrow, for the racing of course...

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