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Its hard enough for a lot of kids just going back to school after summer, but for some kids its really tough due to not having adequate school supplies because thier families are having difficult times. DCH Gardena Honda has partnered with the Garrdena Valley Chamber of Commerce to try and lend a hand, and a backpack! This Saturday we will be hosting 'Operation Backpack' here at the dealership and helping almost 100 kids get ready for school with backpacks full of the things they will need as they renew their education. Friends, fans and family of DCH Gardena Honda can also help buy donating any of the following; college ruled notebook paper, 3 ring binders, pens/pencils, erasers, notebooks and pencil pouches. Donations can be dropped off at the Chamber office or here at DCH Gardena Honda. For more info on 'Operation Backpack' please contact the GVCC at 310.532.9905. Activities will take place here at DCH Gardena Honda on Saturday, August 27th from 12:00 - 2:00, food, drinks and music will be provided and fun is sure to be had by all! Many thanks to all supporters, especially; Hitco Carbon Composites, Edison International, Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce and DCH Gardena Honda. A special thank you to the following indivuals who have made this great event possible; Connie Turner, SCE. Barry Magnus, DCH Gardena Honda. Shad Rezai, Golden State Water. Quin Lodge, Gardena Walgreens. Dave Saunders, Hitco Composites. Wanda Love, Friends of My Place Hair Salon. Russ Temple, GPOA Gardena Police. John Wilks, J-Wils Sound Production. Sara Colomonico, Assured Coin and Loan.

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3/19/2012 06:13:50 pm

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