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Well, I have been justified, and by none other than the CEO of Honda Takeo Fukui himself! No, he didnt actually say that the #1 Honda Guy was right, not exactly, but in spirit... What he actually said was that he believes this year we will see the bottom of this whole economic disaster/horrible car sales thing. You all know I have said that I believe we have turned onto the road to recovery and now you have solid reason to believe what the Honda Guy says! The article on the Reuters site, yes I read Reuters(!), goes on to say that Honda was the only Japanese auto company to stay in the black last year siting that overall quality (and decreased warranty costs as a result) as a big factor to profitability. Again, confirming what I have been tellin you all that Honda builds the best vehicles on the road! Theres a bunch more businessy blah blah blah stuff that I kinda just skimmed over, you can see the whole article here. Bottom line, the Honda Guys was right all along!

UPDATE 5/20/2009: Checking the auto sites this morning both my friends at the Temple of VTEC and the folks at Left Lane News reported on this story YESTERDAY!! Can you say LATE! I'm tellin ya, this site should be your fi

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