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AT first glance some of us here at DCH Gardena Honda guessed that it was an early edition Civic! The vehicle pictured here is actually the first Accord! Now 35 yearsl old we thought we would show you where it all began way back in 1976. One of our favorite Honda Heritage site is This Old Honda and they have some great info on the early Accord. Here is a taste: “The 1976 Accord was powered by a 1.6 liter inline-4 with 68 horsepower. Transmission choices were: a full-synchromesh (except for reverse) 5-speed Manual or a 2-speed semi-automatic. Hatchback bodystyle only. The original fuel economy was 46 mpg highway.” Yes you read that correctly, 46 mpg! Honda really HAS always been the mileage company! To read more click HERE and to see the latest version of Honda amazing Accord stop into DCH Gardena Honda today!  :)

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