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Today Honda began the celebration of its fifty years in motorsports with the launch of a cool mico-site posted at the corp main site. The history of Honda as a company is actually pretty fascinating although much to long for this lil blurb, its pretty cool how Mr. Honda set his sites on winning the World Moto Gran Prix after watching the racing action at the Isle of Man TT race and within 5 years of his 'Declaration' his motorcycles had indeed been crowned as the best.  The past fifty have seen Honda dominate in every form of motorsport they enter, this past weekend being no different! In the series they started with Honda placed a 4th in the Italian Gran Prix, in Super Bike racing Honda riders placed strong 2nd place finishes in both races and Great Britain was the scene of an awesome 3rd place Moto Cross showing. Of course Honda continues to own the FIM Trials series with a victory last week, also in Great Britain. From Indy Cars to side cars, Moto Cross to Moto Gran Prix, if there is an engine pushing a vehicle to speed chances are the best of the best are Honda powered! Spend a few minutes reading up on the Honda racing heritage, trust me its bitchen! 

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