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One might think, now that I have officially become OLD that I would tire of always being right but ya know what? Yeah no, not so much! Once again an honest to goodness 'real' auto news site has confirmed what the Honda Guys has been saying for quite a while now, albeit to a much smaller readership... This morning my friends over at Left Lane News had a nice lil write up about the coming Honda CrossTour, due here in October. As I have been saying, the CrossTour will be an Accord based SUV that will fit right between the CR-V and the Pilot. A near production version was shown in Vegas at the recent dealer meeting and I am smitten I must say, it bears a strong similarity to the new Acura ZDX from the rear but the front end is unmistakably Accord. I just know the folks at ToV have all the scoop but I know they cant say anything till the Honda boys give em the ole green light, curses, CURSES! I would have a pic to post but they wouldnt allow camera phones at the meeting... so just look at the ZDX and kinda squint, for now.

UPDATE: 5/29/09 11:27 am.
Well, it appears my curses were indeed recorded by the car gods as the folks over at the Temple of VTEC have magically acquired a real pic of the CrossTour! I just knew that they had more info... Honda Guy, right again! See the lil tid bit, along with some great pics, they posted here.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: 6/03/09
Car and Driver posted a huge scoop yesterday, there are spy pics of the upcoming Honda CrossTour!! LATE!! Honda Guy wins again!

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