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We know Honda can get you were you are going by car, motorcyle, boat and plane already. Now we can add walking to list of transportation from Honda! Since 1999 those crafty and amazing engineers at Honda have been developing a devise that offers assistance to the legs and thereby 'walking' assistance to those with difficulties getting around and proving yet again what an incredible company they are! Heres more:

04/14/2009 - NEW YORK -American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is demonstrating its prototype walking assist devices for the first time in the U.S. The devices will be part of a technical exhibition at the 2009 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress at Detroit's Cobo Center April 20 - 23. Prior to the Detroit event, Honda will demonstrate the devices for selected media in New York. Intended to support walking for the elderly, people with weakened leg muscles the devices are currently being tested in real-world conditions to evaluate their effectiveness

Click thru for the rest of the story, prepare to be amazed... Honda Stride Management Assist

UPDATE: Leave it to the crew at Jalopnik to one up us all, again! Editor Wes got to 'test walk' the devise, we hate him! Ok, not so much hate but envy with malice his cool job! See it here.

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