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Most of the staff at DCH Gardena Honda are big fans of Facebook, who ISNT these days? We even have our own page for the dealerhip and we have fun posting cool stuff for our friends and fans. One of our favorite Facebook pages is the Honda page and we are all green with envy watching them edge closer and closer to a million fans! A MILLION! Honda is pretty proud and as well they should be, that is an amazing accomplishment.
From the Honda Press Release:
"We're honored to have one million Honda brand Facebook fans and we wanted to show our appreciation in a meaningful way," said Alicia Jones, social media strategist at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "How many people do you know who would carve someone else's name into their hair? We're so fortunate to have amazing and dedicated Honda brand fans. And, that's the kind of commitment our associates have to our fans. We really do love them back."
To see how Honda says thank you, including those noted above and more surprises, visit http://facebook.com/Honda and follow the daily updates during "We're Fans of You Too" Week.
This effort extends a series of feel-good surprises, known as "Honda Loves You Back," which have taken place during the past year on Facebook. Honda wanted to find ways to connect with fans and show appreciation to current Honda owners. Examples of "Honda Loves You Back":

To read more click here and also check out OUR DCH Gardena Honda Facebook page too! :)

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