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Working for a Honda dealership it nearly impossible for the staff here at DCH Gardena Honda to NOT be fans of auto racing! Honda's history starts with motorsports and its involvement continues stronger than ever. When standing around discussing racing, as we often do(!), the future of race cars is a subject of much debate. What will they look like, be powered by etc, its not just as amateur car experts that wonder about these things either. The folks that hold one of the most recognized and probably the most prestigious race around, the Le Mans 24 Hours, have also been considering the future of auto racing. For the second time they will be showcasing a special exhibition called "Le Mans vers le Futur" devoted to showing the fans of motorsports some conceived directions of future race vehicles. One of the cars to be driven around the famous track prior to the actual race starting will be the specially prepped CR-Z seen here. Honda's lil hybrid pocket rocket is already being used as a pace car as part of Speed ​​EuroSeries and this demonstration will show at least some of the potential for hybrids in racing. We LOVE going fast and if we can be somewhat environmentally conscious at the same time well then count us in! Read more about this project here, and to see the CR-Z in person stop in to DCH Gardena Honda today!

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