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Ok no, do not hit anyone with your Honda, not ever... ever. That there is sarcastic humor, thats all, not instruction or permission! With the disclaimers out of the way on to my actual point, the latest version of the Honda Jazz (the Fit here in the states) was just named one of the all around safest vehicles in Europe, and the safest in the supermini class. Although extremely impressive, just another day for a company whos Acura line has THE safest vehicle in its class for every model they offer! My long time fans have heard/read me rave about things like the Advance Compatibility Engineering (ACE) for a long time as Honda has incorporated its 'Safety for Everyone' philosophy across its entire vehicle lineup. What I especially find amusing, yes in a sick and sarcastic way, is the Pedestrian Protection innovations Honda has pioneered, making it less hazardous for pedestrians when they may be struck with a moving auto, at least safer if its a Honda that hits them! Why am I feeling like I will be the only one finding this funny all of a sudden... Anyways, the Honda site has more info over here.

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