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When Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow this morning and thereby predicted an early spring the staff here at DCH Gardena Honda rejoiced... Not because of the coming of spring mind you as its sunny and 70 outside now! Sorry back east fans, but its true! Hearing 'early spring' only reminded us all that with spring will come an all new Civic, yeeaaa! As the release date gets closer we are hearing more and more about the coming 9th generation of Americas beloved mid size. Today our friends at the Temple of VTEC let it be known that the Si edition, (you know, the lil Rocket!) will be receiving an increased displacement 4 cyl circa the Acura TSX! Thats right, 2.4L and whole bunch more torque! All the while we are sure getting even better MPG than ever before. Read the whole scoop HERE. We cant wait for the new 200hp pocket rocket to hit, but in the mean time a new model means GREAT DEALS on the 2011's! To save an unheard of amount on your new 2011 Civic stop in to see us at DCH Gardena Honda today!

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