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During the half time break of today's game (but WE weren't watching the game here at DCH Gardena Honda boss!) the subject of Honda history was being discussed at length. After a long lecture, we LUV to talk(!) one of the staff mentioned that we should blog about early Honda cars soooooo..... Sunday will now be officially known as Honda Heritage Day here at the Honda Hangout! It seems only fitting that we start this weekly post at the beginning! Pictured here is the quite amazing little Honda S360, the very first Honda. "The Honda S360 prototype, revealed at the 1962 Tokyo Motor Show. It’s pretty much the first car that Honda ever built." The S360 quickly evolved into the S500 and has a spec sheet that would make todays gear heads tear up! Take a look at these impressive facts. "Initially introduced with a 492cc engine, the specifications read like those from a Formula 1 race car; double overhead camshafts, four carburetors, a needle roller bearing crankshaft, and a 9,500 rpm redline. A four speed transmission (with synchro-mesh on the top three gears) was utilized. Final drive was by oil bath chains to the rear wheels. Four wheel independent suspension was achieved using torsion bars in the front, and diagonally attaching coil-over-shock strut units to the rear of each chain case" If you ever doubted that the heart of Honda lives on the track, doubt no more! The sport car heritage lives on in each Honda delivered to this day. Read more on the S360/S500 history HERE and see some great pics of some really nice restored editions HERE! To get in on the racing spirit of Honda for your self stop into DCH Gardena Honda today! :)

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