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Fernando Padilla is a valued member of the DCH Gardena Honda
team of mature & professional sales people. Fernando has centered himself on
achieving excellence. And day in, day out, Fernando strives to achieve it. 
He grew up in Covina, CA. And graduated from California State
Polytechnic University with a BS in Computer science. 

Fernando believes strongly in what he sells - you'll see him
driving his own 2012 Civic EX-which he drives for its awesome fuel economy. You
may find him in one of his favorite restaurants – Joes

Like all of our Sales Consultants, Fernando Padilla is fully
Factory Certified for all Honda vehicles and makes the sales process as easy and
smooth as possible for his customers. Fernando has been a part of the DCH
Gardena Honda team for 3 years. He is considered highly entertaining by his
fellow sales people, and strives to make everyone’s day exciting and happier. 
When the time comes for you to look at a new vehicle, give Fernando  a call at
310-525-3174 . Or email him at fboomz@gmail.com                         

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