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After the heartbreak of seeing so many dealers closing it was such a joy to read about the wonderful thing that Ferrari is doing for the folks affected by the recent earthquake in Italy. Its even kinda related to the whole Chrysler thing, wait for it... On Tuesday in Maranello, Ferrari announced that the very last F430 built will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will go to assist the quake ravaged areas in the Abruzzo region. Thats awesome! I came across the info whilst on my daily dream session at the Ferrari site here, hey a guy CAN dream! The F430 will even receive a special signature paint scheme to commemorate the event along with the owner being able to taylor it further as its being built to his or her own tastes. How does this relate to Chrysler you ask? Well, the parent company of Ferrari is FIAT, the same company that represents salvation, financial and otherwise, to the Chrysler Group and who will partner with Chrysler at the exit from their bankrupcy... Yes, the Italions will indeed save the world!

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