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The way cool lil CR-Z has been a hit around here at DCH Gardena Honda since the moment it hit the ground, now its set to even more awesome with some help from Honda tuning guru Mugen! Honda’s in-house tuner MUGEN in Europe and Honda UK are currently developing a heavily tuned version of Honda’s new CR-Z sport hybrid. Being prepared for a world debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, MUGEN Euro claims that the new model will deliver “Type R-like” performance with the potential of delivering even better fuel mileage! Featuring reworked suspension and brakes to improve chassis dynamics, MUGEN will also be adding some weight-saving materials such as a carbon fiber hood and special allow wheels to reduce unsprung mass. New fascias front and rear along with a new spoiler round out the package and improve aerodynamics. The staff at DCH Gardena Honda is hopefull that the Mugen CR-Z makes it stateside but there is no word just yet. Read more on the Mugen here and even more on the rumors over at our friends the Temple of VTEC here.

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