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To celebrate Earth Day yesterday in a green way, Honda gathered past and present model Insights and their owners at the Honda Center in Anaheim. For one lucky participant in the days activities it was extremely insightful! Richard Wada had attended a Ducks game recently, saw some advertising about the new Insight and stopped by the event to see one in person, while there he and his daughter got the chance to drive one of the demo vehicles Honda had supplied. His 'test drive' was extended to a full time drive when he won the drawing for a brand new 2010 Honda Insight! The Wada family is thrilled as you can imagine and promises to keep everyone posted with the fantastic mileage numbers they expect!
Over 40 Insights were on display, driven in from as far away as New Jersey with many high mileage numbers shared as owners discussed their 'hypermiling' secrets. Hypermiling is a technique that returns the absolute best mileage possible for a particular vehicle, one big believer in the power of hypermiling is Wayne Gerdes who drove his Insight from Illinios to attend. Wayne also runs a website dedicated to the high mileage lifestyle, CleanMpg.com, which is mostly for hybrid owners however has a great number of tips and techniques for normal drivers (like me) to help extend the distance between fill ups. Using his driving styles, wayne recently reported a return of 72.6 MPG with the new Insight! A great day under the crystal blue So. Cal skies was enjoyed by all and many eyes were opened with a new 'Insight' into fuel economy, especially Mr. Wada's!

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