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The sexy, powerful Accord Coupe has always been a favorite around here at DCH Gardena Honda, more than one of our managers drive them as a matter of fact! Our simply gorgeous coupe has also caught the eye of one of the editors one of our favorite auto news sites, eGMCarTech. Knowing that Chris Chin drives and writes about cars for a living AND he choose the Accord as his daily driver speaks leagues in itself however he doesn't just leave his endorsement silent. His reviews are some of the best we have read and are more than worth the click through, I'll quote Chris with this appetizer... "as a whole package, no other alternative can match the balance in performance, economy and practicality like the Honda Accord Coupe can. Because it makes so much sense, it makes up for the quirky front-wheel drive characteristics. It’s no wonder that they’ve been the longest running contender on Car and Driver’s respected “10 Best List,” because the Accord very well damn deserves it." Nicely said Chris, nicely said! Now click here and read the whole thing and to see/drive the Accord Coupe yourself stop in today at DCH Gardena Honda! :)

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