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As many of us here at DCH Gardena Honda ready ourselves for the summer vacation season we talk a lot about the amazing Honda Pilot and how it usually tops OUR list for vacation vehicles, but we admit to being a tad biased! We are always happy to hear of others that share our love of Honda's and today we found a great review of the Pilot. G. Chambers Williams III writes for the Star-Telegram and he has some great things to say about our eight passenger family fav! I will let Mr. Williams sum it up with this; "if the 2011 Honda Pilot is on your list of models to consider, and you check it out first, you might not have to look any farther. It's arguably the best eight-passenger midsize crossover on the market..." Click this link here and read the whole post, its a great read! Then stop in to DCH Gardena Honda today to see the Pilot for your self, you might just be surprised how easy it is to put one in YOUR driveway! :)

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