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Buy today and enjoy a $3,000 compressed natural gas fuel card!
Great news for those who want to save some green: 

Purchase a new 2012 Civic Natural Gas vehicle at DCH Gardena Honda from October 4, 2012 through January 2, 2013 and receive a $3,000 pre-loaded  compressed natural gas fuel card for use at Clean Energy stations[2], America’s  largest owner of public compressed natural gas (CNG) stations. 

How to use your fuel card:

-You will be sent the $3,000 Clean Energy Fuel Card upon receipt of a completed 
application from your Honda dealer.

-Locate your local Clean Energy CNG fueling station at www.cnglngstations.com.

-Redeem by swiping your savings card at the CNG fueling station. 

The Perfect Carpool Partner The Civic Natural Gas is  allowed to use HOV (carpool) lanes in many states, including California, when  displaying an HOV decal on their vehicle[3].

Civic Natural Gas drivers  in California can obtain their decal here.

Check your state's motor vehicle department for HOV requirements and  additional carpool

You may also visit the Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center to learn about various state and federal  incentives.

California drivers can learn about additional state and  local incentives here.  (And you're always welcome to contact your friendly Honda people at DCH Gardena Honda :)

Call DCH Gardena Honda today to get into your new CNG and a $3000 fuel card !  310.515.5700!!

[2] Clean Energy fueling stations not located in every city/state.
  Fuel card subject to the terms and conditions set forth by issuer. Recipient is
  responsible for all federal, state or local taxes on the fuel card, regardless
  of whether the card is used in whole or in part.
[3] Check local or state laws.

*Source: http://automobiles.honda.com/civic-natural-gas/incentives.aspx


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