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The 2011 LA Auto Show kicks off November 17th and this years show promises to be the best in a very long time with almost 60 debuts and many, many concepts being displayed. Of course the debut we are anticipating the most is the all-new 2012 Honda CR-V! Although many pics are now online, specific information has still been sketchy and Honda has done a great jobs keeping the goods under wraps! We plan on being at the doors early and among the first to see the actual production version so stay tuned Honda friends, the Honda Guy from DCH Gardena Honda will have all the info here!
Show dates are November 18th - 27th and discount tickets are available here at DCH Gardena Honda so stop in on your way to save some $ at the show! :)

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3/23/2012 04:51:40 am

Finally, the 2012 CR-V is out! I’ve checked the official site, and they added features that will definitely make the driving experience more pleasurable. But to witness one in an auto show is way better! What vehicle did you find the most amazing in the event?

3/23/2012 04:59:13 am

Although we loved the CR-V we went GA-GA over the all electric version of the Fit! We were on hand to see the first one presented to the City of Torrance and its really a cool car! :)


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