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The fine folks over at the Temple of VTEC just gave us a lil preview of the upcoming Mid-Model changes for the Acura MDX and RDX models, you know, the 'other' Honda's! The link at the end of this takes you to the post, and they also have a real cool model release matrix posted here. ALways have been a huge fan of the Acura line, never could afford one though... Take a gander at both rederings here.

UPDATE: 5/22/2009 This morning the VTEC site is reporting that these pics are actually part of a video presentation exclusively for Acura dealers and they shouldnt have been posted yet so they removed them until a later release date. Fortunatly the Honda Guy hasnt been asked to remove them so, for the time being this is THE only plce to still see them! Can you say exclusive friends?!

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