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An article in the new Popular Mechanics got me thinking about that wife swap show on tv, they compared two vehicles that on the surface are completely different in every way. I found myself fascinated by the idea of comparing a Honda Fit against a Ducati HyperMotard S type, kinda like swapping two wives that are totally opposite and watching the outcome! Amoung the biggest suprises is the results of the mountain road driving which btw, was done right upo the road from me here in Glendale. "One might have thought the Italian Stallion would have walked away from the lowly Fit on this road. But at almost every turn heading up the mountain, the Fit filled the bike’s rearview mirror. The handling balance and grip from this Honda is extraordinary for a car in its class. You can fling the Fit hard into the tightest corner, ride the brakes slightly to take the edge off the understeer and then power out to the next turn. It was surprisingly quick, especially on the downhill, where momentum makes up for the lack of engine power. The Fit actually arrived at the bottom of Glendora ahead of the Ducati—its front brakes nearly smoking. Fun? Oh yeah" Rock on Popular Mechanics, Rock On!!!! Read the whole article here, you will love it, sense of humor required though...

Ken B
5/3/2009 10:53:32 am

luv the site mike, but isnt that reaching pretty far just a have an italian product in the mix? nice job stallion...


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