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As we get older and families grow our appreciation for vans as primary vehicles also grows. While we may have once scoffed at the notion of driving a van daily as we flipped the pages of the latest edition of Car & Driver we know find it pretty cool that one of our favorite car mags also reviews our reality rides as well as our dream rides. In last months Car & Driver there was a van showdown as a matter of fact, and you'll probably find it quite easy to guess who won! Mixed in amoung glowing comments about the incredible use of space, amazing features and world class leading safety was OUR favorite comment; "the Odyssey wins the 0-to-60-mph and quarter-mile sprints, with results of 7.3 and 15.6 seconds, respectively"... Yes we may drive the family around in a van but we still wanna know what she'll do on the dragstip no matter what we drive! Read the full comparason here and see the fastest van on the market (that also has lots of cool features and will keep the family safe!) here at DCH Gardena Honda today!

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