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While the following is an internal memo from the Honda corporate headquarters, we felt it was worth risking getting in a bit of trouble to share as it is pretty much optimistic news!

TO:   All Honda and Acura Automobile Dealers
FROM:  John Mendel
RE:   Production and Allocation Update
DATE:  April 15, 2011

While it seems like much longer, the massive earthquake that devastated Japan occurred just 5 weeks ago. Japan continues to struggle with the long process of reconstruction. In that context, the recovery made by Honda and other Japanese companies is remarkable. More than a thousand associates at the Honda R&D auto development center, which was heavily damaged, are back to work at alternate locations. At this time all Honda production locations that build vehicles for the North American market are up and running, though on a limited basis due to parts supplies.
Thank you again for your continued patience and understanding

This is indeed great news and gives us all here at DCH Gardena Honda very positive outlook for the coming summer months and we are also happy for those affected that are able to get back to work and begin rebuilding a great nation!

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