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It's definitely not the easiest thing for most kids to go back to school after
summer, but for some kids its really tough due to not having adequate school
supplies because thier families are having difficult times. For this reason,
DCH Gardena Honda partnered with
the Garrdena Valley Chamber of Commerce to try and lend a hand, and a backpack!
This Saturday, hosted 'Operation Backpack' here at the
dealership and helped almost 100 kids get ready for school with backpacks full
of the things they will need as they renew their education.

also provided food, refreshments, and music for the kids and volunteers... hot
dogs, chips, and bottled water.  It was great fun all around, and everyone that
was involved got something valuable...  the kids got the backpacks and supplies,
and the volunteers got the satisfaction of knowing that they helped children in

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