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The free Starbucks Coffee Bar here at DCH Gardena Honda is often the center of many a spirited discussion among the staff on car related topics. Today an article listing the 50 worst commutes in America got the conversation going as yours truly drives the route at #1! Most of us here commute from pretty far and we all agree that a Honda is the best car to endure traffic in but then again we are a bit biased so it was great to read a post by Forbes that confirmed what we have been saying all along! On this years "10 Best Cars for Commuting" there just so happen to be TWO Hondas, the Civic Hybrid and the Accord! Using data collected by the good folks at Consumer Reports the editors of Forbes ranked vehicles by fuel mileage and front seat head and leg room. Comfort was weighed with economy and of course Honda was the strongest contender! Its always nice to have confirmation of what we have been saying from folks like Forbes! Read the whole post over here, and stop in to DCH Gardena Honda today to get into your own Best Commuter Car! :)

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