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Tomorrow on July 11th, Honda will celebrate fifty, thats 50, years of selling vehicles here in the USA, and to commemorate they have built a replica of the first American showroom inside the US headquarter building in Torrance, CA. Of course Honda began its amazing legacy with the Honda Cub motorcycle and also with a whole lot against them. There were lots of still lingering emotions leftover from a war not all that long over in addition to the perception that motorcycles were ridden by leather jacket wearing Brando wanna be's, to over come that early perception Honda even had the tag line, "you meet the nicest people on a Honda" ! Way too many milestones in the last 50 years to list here but of course the Honda site has a great history over here, take a minute and check it out. My friends over at the ole Jalopnik have a great shot of the replica showroom over here, which is where I got the idea for this whole thing!

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