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The world of motorsports that is! All over the world this weekend Honda powered vehicle lead the fields and place well, proving once again that there is no other company on the planet involved in racing of all forms like Honda, started in racing and continuing to race! Yes, I will get to the picture in just a moment, I know its not really a racing picture! Over the weekend in Turkey Honda two wheelers took third and fifth in the Moto Cross Gran Prix. More two wheeled action in Qatar as the road racing series saw another strong Honda effort with a fifth place in that countries Gran Prix. Finally, in the toyota (ha ha) Gran Prix of Long Beach, Dario Franchitti, (I told ya I'd get to the picture!) held off a powerful field and made a great team decision with fuel stops to take the checkered! For the record, Danika finished a very strong fourth. We knew a Honda powered car would win, duh, but the win by Dario is particularly cool because he's Italian! Yes, I know he was born in Scotland but his parents are from Italy!!!! AND, hes married to the ever so hot Ashely Judd, dudes GOT to be the coolest!!! Alright, alright.... more of the race coverage here, yes without my personal opinions!

Ken B
5/3/2009 10:51:14 am

dude, your kidding right? ashley judd?! c'mon mike! lol, great site!


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