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As our regular readers know most of the staff here at DCH Gardena Honda are huge fans of racing, all kinds of racing but most especially racing that involves Honda’s! One of our favorite forms of racing is the National Auto Sport Association (N.A.S.A.) and its Honda Challenge classes. The HPD Honda Challenge series is one of several series in N.A.S.A. and the rules are based around Honda factory parts and making the most of the parts that Honda has provided as an O.E. manufacturer. The Honda Challenge is divided into five classes, based on the type and amount of modifications allowed and thereby the speeds at which the cars run.  ”Anybody who has interest in driving a Honda fast and safely can hop on a racetrack with an instructor, learn what he or she needs to do and get up to speed while developing the skills required to become an excellent racer. That’s N.A.S.A.’s philosophy: to provide a safe and fun environment for people to partake in high-performance, on-track driving”. The Honda Performance Development Team has an awesome blog page an regularly posts entries written by Honda backed racers, it’s a must read for any fan of racing and a regular for us here at DCH Gardena Honda! The latest post is by one of our favorite drivers Jeremy Croise, who has been dominating the SoCal regional Honda Challenge races this season and already looking ahead to the National Championships, held this year at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Click HERE to read his great post in the ‘I Race A Honda’ section and check often for some well written insights from the exciting world of grass roots motorsports!

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