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Alright, alright... I'm finished pouting now. As everyone knows ole whats his name the Dancing With The Stars guy won yesterdays race, this after the darn feds dropped his tax evasion case that they were supposed to drop NEXT week so he would be too stressed to drive... but thats another story! no, that is not a picture of the winner btw, it is a picture of the 2nd place finisher Dan Wheldon and since this is Memorial Day and he is sponsored by the National Guard it worked better than a pic of the dancer guy! The race was chock full of drama with a wreck nearly every 10 minutes or so, but in the end the amazing driving Danica put forth did get her a podium finish in third, her best Indy finish yet! I, of course spent the rest of the day cursing the racing gods, at least Honda wins no matter whos driving! The only other acceptable winner would have been Dario, his wife Ashley makes it impossible to hate him, besides that he Italian! All the details and more about the dancing guy are here.

Vic R
5/25/2009 08:55:14 am

Dude, there are like 32 OTHER drivers in the series you know... yes I know, none have breasts or that long beautiful dark hair... what was my point???? NEVERMIND, keep up the great Danica coverage Mike!


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