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As the end of the year approaches and the next years models are discussed more heavily on the Internet and off the record we have been reading/hearing many rumors about whats in the pipeline for Honda. We try our best to verify the things we write about but there is always the chance we received incorrect info and its always a tough call whether we share what we have heard with our faithful readers or not as we sure don't want to ever mislead our friends. In that effort we wanted to share some new versions of things we have shared previously. First up, we do KNOW that the next generation CR-V, coming in November, will have a third row seat AVAILABLE however we DON'T know for sure if it will be a US option as we have now heard that it possibly may be offered in Europe only. Next, we have shared that the Ridgeline will be going away soon and possibly the pickup slot in the line up filled with a smaller truck based on the new CR-V chassis, while the CR-V derived truck may still be in the works Honda is saying 'officially that the Ridgeline will stay with us for the "foreseeable future". Now, we aren't exactly sure about that phrase foreseeable future, it could mean another model year or it could mean ten more we don't know but think the former is closer to reality... With the all new Camry due to hit anytime the speculation about whats up Honda's sleeve for the all new 2013 Accord, which is going to arrive here early spring 2012, are running rampant. We have heard about a 'possible'  Plug In Hybrid version and have even seen a semi disguised test vehicle being driven here in the South Bay area but can not confirm this as a real option as of yet.  The only thing we can confirm for sure is that Honda did feel quite a sting from the many reviews of the new '12 Civic that said Honda didn't push far enough ahead in design and features so we have been told to 'get ready' for an AWESOME replacement to Honda's mainstay vehicle! Although Honda is traditionally pretty tight lipped about upcoming changes we expect to hear some relatively believable rumors being 'leaked' in order to keep interest peaked and the attention away from the Camry and where it should be, on the new Accord! As always, stay tuned here to the Honda Hangout and we will keep you up to date with the latest! We have found a few shots of the new CR-V that show the new lines a bit better than before for you to check out below.  To see the great new vehicles in the current Honda line up stop in today to DCH Gardena Honda where we are 'Delivering Customer Happiness! :)

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