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If you live in So Cal, and where watching the 5:00 news on channel 7 Monday, really closely.... you would have been able to catch the TV debut of the Honda Guy! Yes, I was on TV, if only for a brief moment, still when is the last time YOU were on TV!!??!! Ok, it wasnt a big deal really, jus kinda cool. They asked about the surge in sales as the coming tax increase drove folks out to avoid paying more for big ticket items such as cars. If yoy arent here in ole Cali you may not realize that our state tax went up a whole percent, so know some areas are paying as much as 10.25%!! Because most vehicle are financed the increase in monthly payment is only slight so its more the perception that I am having to overcome now. Heres the link to my TV spot if ya would like to check me out, email me for an autographed color glossy....... the Honda Guy on TV!

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