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We have all been missing the drop top rocket that was the S2000 around here at DCH Gardena Honda, there is something top be said for sure about flying down the highway with the wind in your hair.... Just the other day we read that Honda will be re-inventing its much loved Honda Beat and assumed it would be like it was in its first generation, not available for US to drive but its looking like we may have been hasty! First broke by our good friend Woody on his site, now MotorTrend and even the mighty Jalopnik are reporting that the coming Honda Beat WILL indeed be US bound! Woo Hoo! The first time around the Beat was powered by a 660cc four and its drop top inspired many a coastal drive daydream. This time Honda has a world of technology and performance experience that should allow for and even more amazing lil roadster and we cant wait! Read the full scoop at MotorTrend here and for all the very latest car stuff check out Woodys site here. Of course to see what awesome rides Honda has for you today, just stop in to see us at DCH Gardena Honda! :)

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