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We at DCH Gardena Honda still keep those in Japan in our hearts and our prayers as they attempt to begin the rebuilding process of a country, its people and industries. Although the events of recent have put many doubts as to production and even release of coming models there may be signs of encouragement as more rumors and hints are dropped by well sourced folks that all is not beyond hope. For instance many worried that the often whispered of replacement to the awesome NSX might never see the light of day now but its future continues to be assured although only 'off the record' and now we are hearing even more. We have heard about a replacement of the very much missed RSX coupe for some time however without official confirmation we havent written about it, until now! Now Motor Trend Magazine isnt quite as 'official' as direct word from Honda but we figure they ARE pretty darn legit so we feel pretty good talking about it! In a post from just a couple of days ago Motor Trend reports that Honda's plan to release three new sports cars in the next few years. One of which is reported to be a vehicle to take the place of the RSX in the Acura line, borrowing the new 2.4 high output 4 cylinder rocket engine from the Civic Si and mating it to a 6 speed manual will be sure to raise the pulse of any Honda fan! Fitted with specially tuned sports suspension, the new RSX will also employ an interior inspired by the current Civic Type R and an exterior in a sharp, wedge shape the next generation RSX is sure to be a hit from the moment its wheels touch ground! Read more here, and to see the new Civic that has inspired the return of the coupe to our sister company lineup stop in today to DCH Gardena Honda!

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